After 12 years of consigning women’s clothing and accessories, these are our FAQs:

Q) How do I start the consignment process?

A) Call and make an appointment. If you are in the area, stop in and check us out first. Take a look at our merchandise and what we carry. We can give you information that will help you with brands, styles, and seasons.

Q) What types of clothing does Top Drawer accept?

A) We try to stay with current styles, we do not do well with suiting. We do not accept vintage or wedding dresses. We can provide you with a list of brands we accept, as well as those brands we are unable to accept. .

Q) How do you price my items?

A) We will do research on Google Shopping and Department Store websites to get current retail prices for your brand. We will price items from 50-70% off retail depending on condition of item.

Q) How much do I make?

A) If an item sells for over $100 you receive 50%, under $100 you receive 40%.

Q) When and how will I get paid?

A) We mail checks by the 15th of each month for what sells the previous month, providing you have a balance of over $25. We will not issue a check for any amount under $25. Consignor can spend any or all money due to them at any time at Top Drawer Consignments, if a check has not been issued.

Q) Will you call me when my consignment time is over?

A) No, we do not call and we ask that the consignor keep track of their 60 day consignment period on their calendar. Unsold items must be picked up within 7 days from the end of your consignment period. Any items not picked up by that time will either be donated or become the property of Top Drawer Consignments. We will issue you a donation slip for tax purposes if requested.