After 26 years of consigning furniture and accessories, these are our FAQs:

*We are not taking any China at this time*

*We do not take vintage/antique furniture, entertainment centers or armoires, appliances, mattresses or large glass top dining tables.*

Q) How do I start the consignment process?

A) For all large items such as furniture, chandeliers and rugs we need to see pictures of the pieces. You

can download pictures to our website, email them to us, or download to our app. We will get back within 48 hours during weekdays and let you know if we feel it will be something that we can consign in the store and also the time frame that we can accept it.

Q) What types of furniture does Top Drawer accept?

A) We accept fine, previously owned quality furniture that is mostly current, generally less than 15 years old. Consignments must be in very good to “like new” condition and upholstered pieces must be clean and free of smoke or odors, fading and tears.

Q) How do you price my items?

A) We price merchandise based upon research, information provided by the consignor such as age, condition and manufacturer, and our experience with what our customers are willing to pay for a particular item. We try to maximize the return for the consignor while offering a fair price to our customers that will get the item sold, hopefully within the first 30 days.

Q) How much do I make?

A) It is a 50/50 split at time of sale.

Q) How will I know my items are priced and on the floor?

A) We try to get the items on the floor as soon as space allows. The 90-day consignment term doesn’t start until the item is placed on the floor. Some items could have different starting and ending dates (i.e. rugs sometime take a few weeks to get on floor). You will receive an email from us listing the items, their price and expiration date.

Q) When and how will I get paid?

A) We mail checks by the 15th of each month for what sells the previous month, providing you have a balance of over $25. We will not issue a check for any amount under $25. Consignor can spend any or all money due to them at any time at Top Drawer Consignments, if a check has not been issued.

Q) Do you pick up or deliver?

A) We have no delivery/pick up service, but we do have local delivery companies with reasonable fees that many of our customers/consignors use. They will quote over the phone and we will be happy to provide you with a list of names and phone numbers.

Q) How do I go about consigning accessory items?

A) Accessory items do not require a picture and can be brought in By Appointment Only, Monday – Thursday, (no Friday or Saturday), between 10:30 am to 4pm. All items must be clean, free of dirt and in nearly perfect condition. We cannot accept items that parts, chipped, cracked or broken. We accept up to 20 items a time and all items must have a market value of at least $10. We do not take books, lamps w/o shades or damaged shades, stemware or glassware with less than 4 pieces, collectible plates, vintage china, faded art prints or with dated or damaged frames or mats, bedding or draperies.

Q) Will you call me when my consignment term ends?

A) No, we do not call and we ask that the consignor keep track of their 90 day consignment period on their calendar. Unsold items must be picked up within 7 days from the end of your consignment period. Any items not picked up by that time will either be donated or become the property of Top Drawer Consignments. We will issue you a donation slip for tax purposes if requested.

Download our Furniture Sheet Here