Lynne Polley
We would like to highlight one of our College Park neighbors and long time consignor, Lynne Polley. Lynne is a fabulous artist and has been at it for some time, working from her lovely studio at her home. During the Covid 19 period, she has managed to produce a collection of her neighbors beautiful homes & bungalows. Be sure to check it out as these will make great gifts!
Lynne Polley
College Park Artist
2420 Reading Drive, Orlando, FL 32804
“It’s going to be a long winter.” 
College Park artist Lynne Polley describes the feeling of isolation during the pandemic. Lynne has lived in College Park for over twenty-six years, and has seen many changes. Creating a large body of work through plein air events and exhibits, Lynne also shows her original oil paintings at Top Drawer. 
“Growing up in Connecticut, I often would paint at the kitchen table during the short days of winter. So it seemed natural for me to do the same during our lockdowns.
One of the subjects I have often been asked to paint is the landscape or garden of someone’s home. After finishing several commissions late last year, I decided to expand on the theme and paint my neighborhood. After completing about thirty-six paintings, I thought I would put them into a small book. College Park Homes & Gardens was born. 
The books will be available by October 12th, and of course the paintings are also for sale. 
With a liberal arts education and an A.S. Degree in Advertising Design, Lynne has maintained a successful career as a graphic designer while simultaneously pursuing her love of painting. Lynne’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the south, northeast and Orcas Island, WA.  Lynne currently has a studio located in College Park, Orlando.
facebook: Lynne Polley Fine Art Studio@polleypaints